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FDA Approved Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are underway to study treatments for NPC. Follow the links below for information.

ASMD Clinical Trial

There are no current clinical trials for ASMD in the U.S. at this time.  For information on Xenpozyme, approved for the treatment of non–central nervous system manifestations of acid sphingomyelinase deficiency (ASMD) in adult and pediatric patients, visit XENPOZYME® (olipudase alfa-rpcp)

NPC Clinical Trials


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Research Opportunities

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Donation of Biological Samples to Assist with Research

Many families ask what they can do to help move research forward more quickly. One, of course, is to raise funds – research is expensive and every little bit helps! Another important way to help, however, and one that only the patients and families can do, is to donate biological samples for use in the research studies. This might include blood or skin cell samples taken at the time of diagnosis or other medical procedures, or blood, skin cell and tissue samples taken at the time of a surgery or at time of death.

The National Niemann-Pick disease Foundation has worked with several programs and organizations where donations will be accepted, depending upon which type of NPD affects the donor. Please select one of the following links to learn more about how to arrange a donation and review the documents that will need to be completed to allow for sample collection.

Thank you for considering this most generous of donations!

Niemann-Pick Disease, Types A and B/Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency​

Stem Cell Information from the International Society for Stem Cell Research​

There has been much recent discussion among members of the NNPDF about stem cell therapies for lysosomal storage disease. While this should not be seen as an endorsement of this approach to disease management at this time, it is important that we provide our members with unbiased information about developing technologies. The following link provides access to both basic and more in-depth information about this field of investigation:

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