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Family Assistance and Support Program

The NNPDF Family Assistance and Support Program (FASP) offers help to eligible NNPDF U.S. member families facing a financial obstacle. Funding includes but is not limited to, specialized medical equipment, durable medical goods, utility bills (heating and cooling, electricity, phone, water, and sewer), adaptive home repairs, home and car repairs, car payments, rent and mortgage payments, and bereavement expenses.

The Family Assistance and Support Program (FASP) provides relief to members facing a situation that requires financial funding that otherwise is not available or that causes hardship. It is intended to provide short-term financial assistance and is not intended to address long-term financial challenges.

The NNPDF FASP does not assist with expenses associated with medical procedures, medical travel, insurance co-pay, deductibles, or premiums, NNPDF Family Support and Medical Conference, or wish granting type experiences.

To be eligible for funding, NPD individuals and families must reside in the U.S. and must be enrolled as a member of the NNPDF for a minimum of 6 months prior to request*. Funding is available for up to $1000 per 12-month period per eligible member. Families with multiple children diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease are eligible to apply for each affected individual. Families that have lost their loved one due to Niemann-Pick Disease are eligible to apply. *6-month enrollment does not apply to newly diagnosed families.

The NNPDF Board of Directors and Family Support Committee members work to keep the Family Assistance and Support fund fiscally sound by being the last resort to be used, by limiting regular, recurring use by any one recipient, and encouraging donations.

If you have a question regarding the eligibility of your request or if you need assistance completing the application, feel free to contact Laurie Turner, Family Services Manager at 920-542-4038 or

Download, complete the fillable PDF application, and return to Laurie Turner at

“We are thankful to our Industry partners and donors who are supporting this program. This addition to NNPDF’s Family Services programming will address ongoing unmet needs evident in the Niemann-Pick disease community.  We hope that through continued support, the program will allow us to assist more and more families in their time of need.”

– Joslyn Crowe, Executive Director

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