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Research Funded by NNPDF

Grant and Fellowship Information

Research funded by the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation is made possible in great part due to the efforts of our NPD families and their extended support network via local community-sponsored events. 

A key element to the foundation’s research strategy is the ability to track funds raised within the communities of our family membership. Great care is given to identify monies received at NNPDF through fundraising efforts so that funds are used for the donor’s wishes.

NNPDF Research Fellowship Applications

NNPDF Research Fellowships are closed. The Peter G. Pentchev Niemann-Pick Type C Research Fellowship and the Edward H. Schuchman ASMD Research Fellowship are 1-year awards intended for early-stage researchers. These awards support young scientists in pursuit of independent hypotheses and encourage scholarly development about Niemann-Pick Disease.

Awards are $40,000 for a 1-year Fellowship with the possibility of a 1-year no-cost extension.

Niemann-Pick Disease research is one of the pillars of our mission and we are proud that since 1993, NNPDF has funded over 50 grants and 22 fellowships totaling over $4,000,000. Our fellowships and grants have contributed to the identification of disease-causing genes, insights into the pathogenesis of NPC1 & NPC2, support of the NPC cat model at a critical juncture, and development of an assay for newborn screening. Many former grantees and fellows have remained active contributors in the Niemann-Pick Disease space.

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Uplifting Athletes - Researcher Travel Program

About the Travel Program
The Researcher Travel Program is intended to assist with travel expenses for rare disease researchers and professional students with an interest in the rare disease field. It is our hope that this program provides opportunities for these individuals to be able to connect in person with the rare disease community, to foster collaboration, and communication.


  • Individuals currently pursuing a MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent degree who are interested in becoming rare disease researchers
  • A clinical or basic researcher (MD, DO, PhD, or international equivalent) working in the U.S. or Canada, who is currently in postdoctoral training at an academic medical institution AND within 10 years of obtaining their doctoral degree at the time of grant submission.

Learn more about this program.

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