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Niemann-Pick Awareness Month

October is Niemann-Pick Awareness Month!

Show your support of our Niemann-Pick community by raising awareness and educating others about Niemann-Pick Disease. With your help in spreading awareness, we will make a difference for families at all stages of the Niemann-Pick journey and help us deliver hope!

Get Involved!

  • SHARE Niemann-Pick awareness posts and videos on your social networks.
  • SUPPORT NNPDF important advocacy, family services, and research programs through donations.
  • HOST a NNPDF Facebook fundraiser! It’s easy –  get started here!
  • DOWNLOAD, print, and share our NNPDF information page with family and friends.
  • PARTICIPATE in one of our many community connection opportunities!
Supporting One Another. Supporting Our Community.

Supporting one another. Supporting our community