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Family Support & Medical Conference

NNPDF Annual Family Conferences

Once a year the NNPDF community gathers together for a special time to meet in person and connect with friends who truly understand the struggles related to Niemann-Pick disease. Families have shared that the annual family conference is a unique opportunity that helps them to reconnect and build stronger bonds with one another in support, encouragement and enlightenment.

Top researchers attend to interact with families and share their expertise. They provide updates about the clinical trials underway and the opportunity to learn more about research occurring in the field. The Family Conference offers separate sessions for ASMD and NPC.

As one voice, we can achieve urgently needed approved clinical treatments and continue to support research toward a cure. Your commitment has helped the NNPDF to persevere as a community. Click the button below for information from past family conferences.

Supporting one another. Supporting our community.