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FDA Approved Clinical Trials

FDA Approved Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are underway to study treatments for ASMD and NPC. Follow the links below for information.

ASMD Clinical Trials


NPC Clinical Trials


Active Not Recruiting:

Completed or Discontinued:

Clinical trial listings on

Questions about Clinical Trial Participation? Visit:

Clinical Trial Update Procedure

The NNPDF posts new information regarding clinical trial updates as soon as it is received. Please review the following Clinical Trial Update procedure for alerting you to these updates as they are made:

1.  The NNPDF office will post information received about trials and expanded access therapies from companies on the NNPDF website under the appropriate pharmaceutical company.
2.  When information is received it is:

3.  All updates from pharmaceutical companies are included in the next monthly e-newsletter with links back to the original posting on the website.

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