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Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Yankee Candle Online Fundraiser

In Memory of Bryanna Desouza and

In Honor of Niemann-Pick Disease Families

Online Sales Start July 11, 2019
and runs through January 8, 2020

Bryanna Desouza (NPC)  |  Jan 20, 1992 ~ Dec 5, 2006

Judy Desouza will be hosting a Yankee Candle fundraiser once again, in memory of her daughter, Bryanna (NPC) and in honor of all Niemann-Pick Disease families. Judy, in working with Yankee Candles, will dedicate 40% of profits from both local and online orders to the NNPDF.

Many of us already buy these long lasting candles, so why not purchase them to benefit the NNPDF? With over 50 scents and new ones being created each year you are sure to find one that is perfect for you!  Give them as a gift, or purchase one for yourself to indulge in these wonderful scents.

Beginning July 11, 2019

Go to
and click on SELLER and type in GROUP NUMBER 99832018

You can be anywhere in the US and still participate by ordering the world’s best loved candle! Online orders will ship direct to anywhere in the USA.
Click Here for Event Flyer

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