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Family Support Services



Living with Niemann-Pick Disease creates an emotional burden that may be difficult to bear. NNPDF’s Family Services Program anticipates and responds to the needs of all individuals dealing with Niemann-Pick Disease.  Our goal is to reduce the burden of Niemann-Pick Disease on affected individuals and families.

Our Programs Provide:

  • Emotional support to individuals and families dealing with all types of Niemann-Pick Disease;
  • Assistance through a crisis;
  • Information and ideas about issues such as doctors, clinics, insurance companies and other health and human service programs;
  • Practical suggestions about day-to-day care.

NNPDF’s Family Support Services Include:

  • The NNPDF e-Newsletter — The NNPDF e-Newsletter is sent to anyone interested in or affected by Niemann-Pick Disease.
  • The Annual NNPDF Family Support & Medical Conference — The annual NNPDF Family Support and Medical Conference brings together families, scientists, and medical professionals to share information and provide support. Conferences have been held every year since 1992.
  • NNPDF Facebook Pages — The NNPDF Central Office monitors various Facebook pages to help families connect and share information.
  • NNPDF Web Site — The Web site contains current information on the Foundation, NPD research, fund raising events and opportunities, and many other issues.
  • Online Store —Books, toys, and adaptive aids that may be helpful are featured from a variety of sources. Niemann-Pick awareness items are also available.

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