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Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Foundation NewsLine, Type C |

Wall Street Journal ~ Researchers Study Ebola Link to Gene in Rare Disease ~ Niemann-Pick Type C


Hugh and Chris Hempel (parents of Addi and Cassi (NPC) donating to Coriell Science biobank
to further research in connection to Niemann-Pick Type C & the Ebola virus.
Dear NNPDF Families and Friends,
Right on the heels of October 2014 as GLOBAL Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month, a news article has been posted in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the unique connection between NPD Type C and Ebola. Wall Street Journal Medical writer, Amy Dockser Marcus, who previously wrote an in-depth article on the Hugh and Chris Hempel family, their twin daughters, Addi & Cassi and their journey with NPD Type C, brings the research around full-circle.
Hugh Hempel noted, “In 2009 we donated our cells (a little punch biopsy under our arm) to a non-profit bio-bank in order to make it easier for scientists to research NPC. Never imagined that Ebola researchers would take our cells and use them to discover that our RareDisease could enlighten a treatment for Ebola… Check out the Wall Street Journal Article about this amazing connection.”
The members of the NNPDF Scientific Advisory Board have indicated for years that the NPC gene is so very complex and likely holds the key to answers for a wide array of diseases and illnesses.
To see a WSJ Health & Science Video and to read more about this finding in the Wall Street Journal article~ click here:

**For anyone attempting to view the article, it seems that it has now been locked to those without a paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal. If you have a subscription, you should have no issue viewing the article.

For those who don’t have a WSJ paid subscription, the article has been reposted here:

To view the accompanying article video, visit the Newsline:

Kind thanks to the Hempel family and Amy Marcus for continuing to keep NPC in the focus of researchers and the medical community.
Nadine Hill, Executive Director
National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation ~
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