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Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Foundation NewsLine |

Wall Street Journal Follow-Up Article: Trials: A Race to Save a Boy

Wall Street Journal Follow-up Article:
Trials: A Race to Save a Boy 

As a follow-up entry to the Wall Street Journal Article, “Trials: A Desperate Fight to Save Kids and Change Science“, Amy Dockser Martin blogs about her time with the Papier Family.
The blog is a photo album, following Dillon through his first surgery in February, a typical day for the Papier family between home & school life, as well as once the Cyclodextrin clinical trial resumed. Like the original article, it’s a fascinating and intimate look into one family’s fight to save their child’s life. 
As Darrile Papier has said, “There has to be a first child who survives Niemann-Pick Disease. Why couldn’t it be Dillon?” 

To view the article: Click HERE
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