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Research Funded by NNPDF

Research Funded by NNPDF 


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Latest Research Highlights from the NNPDF Research Committee


The research is funded by the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation is made possible in great part due to the efforts of our NPD families and their extended support network via local community-sponsored events. 

A key element to the foundation’s research strategy is the ability to track funds raised within the communities of our family membership.  Great care is given to identify monies received at the NNPDF Central Offices through family fundraising efforts so that funds are used for the donor’s wishes.   

Glossary of Terms:

EMA – European Medicines Agency (European equivalent of FDA)
ERT – Enzyme Replacement Therapy
FDA – United States Food and Drug Administration
HDAC – Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
ICV – Intracerebroventricular
IND – Investigational New Drug
i-IND – Individual Investiational New Drug
IRB – Institutional Review Board
NICHD – National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
NIH – National Institutes of Health
NPC – Niemann-Pick Disease Type C Disease
TRND – Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases

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