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October Awareness Month ~ Day 9 ~

Day 9
~October 9th, 2013~
Spotlight on: NPD Siblings

My Life with Scott: How Niemann-Pick Changed My Life

Scott & Lauren

Scott Marocco (NPC) & sibling, Lauren Grodin (NNPDF Board Member)

On the 9th day of our October NPD Awareness Month event, we are recognizing an important part of the NPD family unit ~ brothers and sisters! 
Lauren Grodin (Psy.D.), a current member of the  NNPDF Board of Directors, brings a unique perspective to the conversation around NPD Awareness month, as she is a loving NPD sibling as well. Her brother, Scott Marocco, lost his fight with NPC on June 6th, 2000 at the age of 13.  Dr. Lauren Grodin is a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families. 
She is experienced in providing comprehensive evaluations and treatment interventions to assist youth and their families coping with behavioral and emotional concerns, medical conditions, and learning and developmental disabilities. 
In August 2013, at the 21st Annual Family Conference in Baltimore, MD, Lauren presented a breakout session to our NPD families in attendance detailing how growing up with Scott influenced her life.  Please find links to her PowerPoint presentation, session notes and biography below.

~New Facebook Group~

Niemann-Pick Disease Siblings 

The National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation is pleased to announce the development and support of a new Niemann-Pick Facebook networking page for siblings of those who have or had a loved one diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease. 
We created this group to encourage Niemann-Pick siblings who have gone through the journey of diagnosis, caring for and living through the loss of a beloved brother or sister to NPD. It is our hope that siblings of any age will join to share experiences for those who are currently living with a family member affected by NPD.
Every day in the month of October we will be sharing fundraising ideas and highlight special events to keep the momentum going.  The NNPDF is here to help and support you in these events ~ see all that the NNPDF has availabile to assist you here.  So keep an eye on this web site and the Facebook Awareness Event page for the latest updates. 
Remember that any events you are hosting for October can be sent to the NNPDF Central Office to be shared with the NPD Community.  Contact:

See you tomorrow!

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