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Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Foundation NewsLine |

October Awareness Month ~ Day 8 ~

Day 8
~October 8th, 2013~
Spotlight on: NPD Sibling Contest

Chase the Cure ~ October Awareness Contest

Cameron Reedy & Chase (NPC) DiGiovanni

On the 8th day of our October NPD Awareness Month event, we are recognizing a family who is hosting an event/contest to help raise Niemann-Pick awareness. 
The DiGiovanni family is holding a contest in honor of Chase DiGiovanni (NPC).
Here are the contest rules:
  • Submit a drawing, poem, presentation, report, letter, song, video or any other type of media that talks about Niemann Pick Disease
  • You must be the sibling, close friend, cousin or someone who is impacted directly by having an NPD family member.
  • Open to kids under 18 for the drawing but anyone can submit
  • By submitting your work you promise it is completely your original work and you release all of us ( and the nonprofit you chose to link to) from claims of copyright infringement. Your parents will be signing an email wavier.
  • Parents are allowed to help very small children with their projects.
  • All Submissions that want to be considered for the drawing must be sent in by 10/25/2013

Everyone who enters has an equal chance of being chosen via the live drawing at the end of the month.  Three winners get a $100.00 Visa Gift card (USD) to be sent via USPS mail or e-mail. 

For more information: Click Here 

To view the detailed instructions: Click Here (PDF) 

Every day in the month of October we will be sharing fundraising ideas and highlight special events to keep the momentum going.  The NNPDF is here to help and support you in these events ~ see all that the NNPDF has availabile to assist you here.  So keep an eye on this web site and the Facebook Awareness Event page for the latest updates. 

Remember that any events you are hosting for October can be sent to the NNPDF Central Office to be shared with the NPD Community.  Contact:

See you tomorrow! 

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