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Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Foundation NewsLine |

October Awareness Month ~ Day 17 ~ Adult On-set NPD

~October 17th, 2013~
October NPD Awareness Highlight ~ Niemann-Pick Disease Adult On-set

Dear Families and Friends,
On the 17th day of our October NPD Awareness month events, we are turning the spotlight towards three individuals with Adult On-set NPD and on further educational resources in regards to this disease.
Every day in the month of October we will be sharing fundraising ideas and highlight special events to keep the momentum going. The NNPDF is here to help and support you in these events. So keep an eye on this web site and the Facebook Awareness Event page for the latest updates.

Remember that any events you are hosting for October can be sent to the NNPDF Central Office to be shared with the NPD Community. Contact: .
See you tomorrow! 

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