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Seasonal Flu Information

Seasonal Flu Information

Dear NNPDF families:

We have received a number of calls about the advisability of vaccinating NPD patients against the H1N1 virus that causes “swine flu.” This page provides access to various official publications about the virus and the vaccination.

NNPDF staff consulted with Dr. Marc Patterson regarding vaccination for NPC patients, and he indicated that patients who have NPC should be vaccinated against this aggressive virus, and further, that the injectable form of the vaccination is preferred over the inhaled form.  As with any vaccination, there is a small risk associated with receiving it which may be outweighed by the benefits of protection against this virus.

We also spoke to  Dr. Melissa Wasserstein regarding vaccination for NPA and NPB patients and she indicated that there is no contraindication to receiving the vaccine, but that each patient should speak to his or her primary care provider before proceeding with vaccination.

You are encouraged to review the links from this Web page and the information sheet provided to you by the pediatrician, family practitioner, internist or clinic where the vaccination is distributed. Please discuss any concerns you might have with your primary or specialty care physician who is most familiar with your own or your family member’s medical condition.


Seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu are concerns on most everyone’s minds.  Families with members whose health is compromised by chronic illness should take special care to avoid contracting the flu.  Here are resources for information about avoiding the flu, and for dealing with it should a member of your family contract it despite precautions:

Additional Resources

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