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October Awareness Month

 October Awareness Month

Global Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month


The NNPDF is once again gearing up for this year’s October Awareness Month!

Fundraising and awareness can be as easy as setting up a table at the high school football game, handing out brochures and newsletters, or selling PERSEVERE wristbands for $1 each. Some have asked their state’s governor or their city’s mayor to proclaim October as NPD Awareness Month, some are planning elaborate community fundraising events, and some are working up simple awareness projects.

Remember – awareness drives donations, donations drive research, and essential research will find effective treatments and a cure for Niemann-Pick Disease!

Check out our Fundraising Support page for additional ways YOU and YOUR Family can get involved during October 2017 to help raise awareness for Niemann-Pick Disease, as well as how the NNPDF Central Office can help.

Need some help for a truly successful event, follow these tried and true Recipes for Success that families around the country have had success with in the past!

Please consider what you, together with the help of your family and friends, can do to help raise awareness and funding during this October’s Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month!  

Visit our Fundraising Events page to see what NPD events other families are hosting and please be sure to let us know what you’re “cooking up” for Awareness Month!

Email us your event poster or registration form before the event and we will post it on our Fundraising Events page.  After your event please email us a photo or two so we can share your event with the community!

We are also happy to help with ideas, press releases, “best practices,” and much more.   Please contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance!

Thank you for your support!


Helpful Fundraising Event Information:



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