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October Awareness Month

October Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month

October is Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month! Support One Another and Support Your Community by raising awareness and educating others about Niemann-Pick Disease in your community.

Remember – awareness drives donations, donations support Family Services which are vital to our community at all stages of their Niemann-Pick journey.


In the month of October, you can help Supporting One Another and our Niemann-Pick community by:

  • Sharing the NNPDF Awareness Video (Coming soon!)
  • Using our Niemann-Pick Awareness Month Facebook profile frame
    1. Click the camera on your Facebook profile picture.
    2. Select the “Add Frame” option.
    3. Type NNPDF in the “Choose a Frame” search window.
    4. Select the “NNPDF Niemann-Pick Awareness Month” frame. 
  • Sharing our Niemann-Pick Quick Facts on your social networks
  • Supporting NNPDF important advocacy, family services, and research programs through donations