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Honoring a Loved One

Honoring a Loved One

You can honor the memory of a loved one or a friend through a gift to NNPDF.  We will send a memorial card in your name to the family of a deceased friend or loved one when a donation is made in their memory.  When making a memorial gift, please send your name and address as well as the name and address of the family to whom the card should be sent.  Remember to tell us the name of the individual you wish to memorialize.

We can also send “In Your Honor” cards, in your name, to the person whom you wish to honor with a tax deductible contribution to NNPDF.  Anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding celebrations are wonderful ways to honor your friends and family while making a gift to support the work of the NNPDF.  The amount of the gift is not revealed unless you request us to do so.

Contact the NNPDF office for more information about how you can support the foundation and about our “In Memory of” and “In Honor of” cards.