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Fundraising and Awareness Events

Fundraising and NPD Awareness Events

Don’t forget to let us know about your fundraising or awareness events as soon as you have the date!  The NNPDF Central Office can help you out.  Just check out the Fundraising and NPD Awareness Services Plan.



Kate Wills, Miss Urbana’s Outstanding Teen 2020

Dreams for Dillon – Inspiring young people to use their gifts and talents for good

Kate is an Urbana resident and a sophomore at Urbana High School. She was crowned Miss Urbana’s Outstanding Teen 2020 this past November and is now on a journey to become Miss Maryland’s Outstanding Teen 2020 and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2020. Kate has a passion for dance and loves performing with the Urbana Dance Studio. She is planning to study medicine and to ultimately obtain a profession as a pediatrician.

Kate’s platform is Dreams for Dillon, where she hopes to raise awareness of Niemann-Pick Disease, raise funds for the people working toward a cure, all while sharing the message that not everyone has the same abilities and gifts, so they should take advantage of their own gifts and talents and use them to be their best self and to give back to others. Kate’s friend Dillon Papier didn’t have that opportunity because the Niemann-Pick disease took his abilities from him. An excerpt  from her platform reads, “As Miss Maryland’s Outstanding Teen, I will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, build greater awareness, and increase the likelihood of finding a cure for kids like Dillon all while spreading the very important message that all young people should use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place and be their best self.” Kate is excited for the year ahead as she educates others about how they can make a difference and inspire those in her community to believe that their voice matters.

Kate will be competing in Miss Maryland’s Outstanding Teen 2020 (June) and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2020 (August). The NNPDF wishes all the best to Kate in her upcoming endeavors!


Pretty in Periwinkle
Nail Wraps for Niemann-Pick Disease

Show your support in the fight against Niemann-Pick Disease with these custom Jamberry nail wraps. 30% of all sales will be donated to the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation for family support services. Available year round!




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