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February News 2021: Navigating

February 2021

Navigating Together: Support for all phases of Niemann-Pick Disease

NNPDF Family Services is pleased to share that the first Navigating Together small group session has begun. Navigating Together: Legacy Families started this week to offer support to our members that have lost a loved one. NNPDF recognizes our bereaved families are an integral part of our community and we hope to offer support with our Navigating Together sessions. 

Navigating Together series is a new direct services program to provide a confidential space for families to process the complexities related to the realities of loss on multiple levels and is led by a licensed professional trained in grief counseling.

Additional Navigating Together sessions will be held for ASMD and NPC Families and may include specific sessions for families during all phases of the NP journey such as – late Onset NPC, Legacy Families, Newly Diagnosed Families.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Navigating Together, please contact Laurie Turner, Family Services Manager at or 603-413-8707.