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Posted by on Dec 13, 2014 in Foundation NewsLine |

Day 4 ~ 12 Days, 12 Ways to care for a Caregiver ~ Getting Adequate Rest


Many individuals have issues with sleep complicated by all we do in a day, the fast pace of our lifestyles, our never-ending “to do” lists and often ever-growing pressure at work and family responsibilities to unexpected challenges and expectations that seem to grow day-by-day. For Caregivers these lists are often multiplied by layering along with daily duties the responsibilities of caring for their loved one who is ill. Some nights it’s a wonder if one can get any sleep at all.

Although you might not be able to control all of the factors that interfere with your sleep, you can adopt habits that encourage better sleep.

Mayo Clinic, a trusted friend of the NNPDF, published an article with 7 steps and suggestions for good sleeping habits which we hope will assist you in improving your ability get more rest.

Sleep Tips: 7 Steps to Better Sleep
Article by the Mayo Clinic Staff

Quick Tips:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Pay attention to what you eat and drink
  • Create a bedtime ritual
  • Get comfortable
  • Limit daytime naps
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine
  • Manage stress
  • Know when to contact your doctor
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