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Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in Foundation NewsLine |

Day 15 ~ October 2014 as GLOBAL NPD Awareness Month ~ NNPDF & CCNNPDF Funded Fellows

Dear NNPDF Families and Friends,
As we continue our focus on foundation funded research this week, the 15th day of our GLOBAL October 2014 Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness month event, we are highlighting another 2014 research award recipient. The National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation (NNPDF), along with the Canadian Chapter of the NNPDF, are pleased to announce to our NPD communities in the United States and Canada ~ the 2014 recipients of the Peter G. Pentchev & Edward H. Schuchman 2014 Fellowship awards and grants!
Due to the tireless efforts of our US & Canadian NPD family membership over fiscal year 2013, the foundations will be supporting four new research fellowship and scientific grant laboratories associated with Niemann-Pick Disease. To learn more about the NNPDF & CCNNPDF Research Funding Strategies ~ please follow this link: 
For Day 15, we turn our focus to the announcement of a research grant award in support of our NPD Type C (NPC) community through the funding of scientific efforts to develop a diagnostic test for NPC screening in newborns. Dr. Xutian Jiang, Ph.D from Washington University in St. Louis is the grant award recipient and Principal Investigator of this work.
For the full research lay summary and additional information, visit the NNPDF Newsline:

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