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August 2018 Newsletter: Tips

August 2018

Helpful Tips

We asked our families for tips and tricks to help make life a bit easier and you all delivered! Here are a few helpful tips…

TIP #1:  SimplyThick is a wonderful thickener that helps with swallowing of liquids that comes in a gel and mixes easily. Available in a large bottle with a pump for your counter or convenient travel packets that come in various thicknesses. Visit for information.

TIP #2:  Baby leg warmers can help keep legs warm instead of pants. They minimize discomfort of diaper changing when it is cold. Leg warmers also work well on the arms if they are cold in place of long sleeves.

TIP #3:  To help prevent your loved one from sliding down their mattress, sew a cloth diaper to a fitted sheet.

If you have helpful tips or tricks please send them to