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About Our Logo

About Our Logo


The new 2019 logo was designed to reflect the positive spirit of the Niemann-Pick community, to continue the hopeful nature of the rainbow’s arc, and to capture the essence of those who have passed with the butterfly image, maintaining the spirit and inspiration of the original drawing as an underlying promise of hope.

2008 – 2018


Original Logo ~ 1992-2006

The National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation’s logo represents our commitment to support families affected by Niemann-Pick Disease and research toward finding treatments and a cure. With the passing of time there has been a need to change and update our logo, but the NNPDF board has worked to keep the spirit and inspiration of the below drawing as our underlying promise of “HOPE”. The rainbow colors are from our original rainbow logo, which was designed by Tommy Kenny.


Tommy passed away in 1995 from Niemann-Pick C. Although he knew he was seriously ill, he took strength from the rainbow as a symbol of hope and faith.  We continue to share his hope and faith with the rainbow colors, our support of NP families, and our support for research.
tomk9yrs_001. tomkyod2

Special thanks to Tommy’s Mother, Barbara Kenny, for sharing these pictures of Tommy with us and to Hunt Ozmer for contributing Tommy’s original drawing from his files..

06/10/2019 jjb