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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Foundation NewsLine |

A Message from Leslie Hughes, NNPDF outgoing Board Chair

March 4th, 2016

Hello members of the NNPDF.

It has been a busy 2016 already and we are only two months into the new year. Prior to the holidays the Board and Central Office had been busy preparing for our 2016 annual Board meeting. Much of the preparation centers around determining the 2016 budget and research allocation funding.  We were also able to bring back BoardSource, the consultant we worked with at last year’s annual Board meeting, with the remaining grant funds that were awarded to the NNPDF specific to board development. Our agenda spanned over 2 ½ days from the afternoon of February 18 through February 20. We came away both exhausted and re-energized by our time together, strategizing and planning for the work we plan to accomplish in 2016.

Our annual Board meeting is also a time when we elect our Officers for the year. It has been my privilege to serve as Chair the past 2 years, however in accordance with the NNPDF By-laws, a Board member can serve up to two 3 year terms. Once completed they must take a mandatory one year leave from the Board. I became a Board member in February, 2010 and at the end of the 2016 annual Board meeting my term on the Board was completed. Therefore, I am stepping off the Board for 2016, but I have every confidence in the leadership I am leaving you with. I’m please to announce to you the 2016 Board Officers.

  • Lisa Chavez – Chair
  • Wayne Palmiter – Vice Chair
  • Jill Flinton and Anne O’Connor – Co-Treasurers
  • Tammy Vaughan – Secretary

My first experience with the NNPDF was in 2006. At that time there were so many unanswered questions about NPD and trials seemed so far into the future. Look where we are today! Continued research, several trials, more answers and continued work toward a treatment and a CURE! All due to the dedication and commitment of so many individuals and groups worldwide. And specifically the courageous patients and families that continue to persevere through their journey!!

Best wishes to all and thank you for your continued support of the NNPDF!

Leslie Hughes


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