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Posted by on Oct 5, 2014 in Foundation NewsLine |

2014 Global October Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month ~ Day 5 ~ Family and Friends Letter

Dear NNPDF Family and Friends,

For Day 5 of October 2014 as GLOBAL Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month, we wish to share an easy, tried-and-true, effective way for our NPD family membership to raise awareness and fundraise in honor or in memory of your loved one with Niemann-Pick Disease. Let the NNPDF staff at the Central Office help you to create a letter to mail out to family, friends, community supporters and local businesses!
If you’ve always wanted to fundraise, but haven’t had the time or resources to hold an event, then creating a “NPD Family and Friends” letter is the way to go! Why? Because the NNPDF central office staff will assist you with the details and provide you with everything you need for a successful NPD Awareness Campaign! 

Visit the Newsline web page to find out how it works:

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