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Grant Application Information

Grant Application Information

The research funded by the NNPDF is made possible in great part due to the efforts of our member families and their extended support networks via local community-sponsored events, and to the support of the Canadian Chapter of the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation (CCNNPDF). The NNPDF is truly grateful for this support!


Research Grants Funded by the NNPDF and CCNNPDF

Research Fellowships Funded by the NNPDF and CCNNPDF

Clinical Research and Services Funded by the NNPDF

“The NPD community is one of the most collaborative there is. The level of idea/data sharing among scientists is remarkable. We are also a model for other rare disease with respect to our ability to accelerate work at the bench to therapeutics. And much of this had been made possible by the family-researcher partnerships that have sustained this work over the past 20 years.”

– Dr. Dan Ory, Current NNPDF Scientific Advisory Board member & past SAB Chair (Sept. 2007 ~ Jan. 2014)

In 2014, the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation Board reviewed its research funding strategy and has produced a new strategic plan associated with NPD research.

Account was taken of the needs of our Membership; current knowledge in the field of Niemann-Pick Disease; the funding strategies of other NPD organizations; as well as, the advice and expertise of the members of the NNPDF’s Scientific Advisory Board.

As a result we are pleased to announce that the NNPDF will now be funding Pre-Doctoral, Post-Doctoral and Early career investigator fellowships in all areas of promise – basic, translational and clinical research- with regards to Niemann Pick Disease.

The NNPDF strives to enable promising new researchers to choose a career in the field of Niemann-Pick Disease, thus providing for a new generation of scientists to accelerate the pace of NPD research.

A key element to the foundation’s research strategy is the ability to track funds raised within the communities of our family membership.  Great care is given to identify monies received at the NNPDF Central Offices through family fundraising efforts so that a specific designation by disease type and a restriction towards research can be made.  The NNPDF is proud to ensure our family membership that 100% of the funds raised through their community events are directed towards NPD research!

Current Status of Fellowship Applications