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NNPDF Membership & Family Support Services

NNPDF Membership

The NNPDF provides services to all individuals affected by Niemann-Pick Disease.   We ask and hope that families and extended families/friends will help the Foundation through personal contributions and fundraising contributions to assist with administrative costs and research funds to find a cure.

To become a member click on a membership registration option below.   This is a simple way to become a member of the NNPDF. Membership is open to families affected by Niemann-Pick Disease, extended family, friends, and community supporters.

.WEBSITE BUTTONS online membershipComplete registration form online.

WEBSITE BUTTONS printable membershipPrint out and complete form including signature and date.

Mail completed membership form to:
NNPDF  |  P.O. Box 49  |  Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0049


Family Support Services

Living with Niemann-Pick Disease creates an emotional burden that may be difficult to bear. NNPDF’s Family Services Program anticipates and responds to the needs of all individuals dealing with Niemann-Pick disease.  Our goal is to reduce the burden of Niemann-Pick Disease on affected individuals and families.

Our programs provide:
  • Emotional support to individuals and families dealing with all types of Niemann-Pick Disease;
  • Assistance through a crisis;
  • Information and ideas about issues such as doctors, clinics, insurance companies and other health and human service programs;
  • Practical suggestions about day-to-day care.
NNPDF’s Family Support Services Include:
  • The NNPDF Newsletter and Family Supplement — The NNPDF Newsletter is sent to anyone interested in or affected by Niemann-Pick Disease. The Family Supplement is sent to NPD families, and extended families who specifically request it.
  • The NNPDF Annual Family Conference — The annual NNPDF Family Support and Medical Conference brings together families, scientists, and medical professionals to share information and provide support. Conferences have been held every year since 1992.
  • NNPDF Facebook Pages — The NNPDF Central Office monitors various Facebook pages to help families connect and share information.
  • NNPDF Web Site — The Web site contains current information on the Foundation, NPD research, fund raising events and opportunities, and many other issues.
  • Online Store —Books, toys, and adaptive aids that may be helpful are featured from a variety of sources. Niemann-Pick awareness items are also available.